Energy Conserver for Lighting

Energy Conserver for lighting was developed on a request from the CII for industry to manage the usage of electricity by industry for lighting purposes especially with regard to lighting in manufacturing sites.

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    • Power savings of over 25% in discharge lighting energy consumption
    • Improves the life of fluorescent and gas discharge lamps
    • Reduces heat generation in chokes / ballast's and prevents energy loss & hazards.
    • Operating efficiency of the conserver is above 98%
    • Provides steady lumen and ensures up to 25-30% savings on energy.
    • More power saving is observed when applied to Mercury / Sodium vapour lamp.
    • No effect on any other parameters of the load
    • Payback period is 7 to 8 Months depending on duty cycle and local power tariffs.
    • Improvement in power factor
    • Reduction in M.D.I.
Air Conditioner Rating a) Single Phase upto 25 KVA b) Three Phase upto 1000 KVA
Input Voltage Tolerance* +20% to -15%
Impedance Adjustment Automatic
Efficiency > 98%
Output Regulation with 1%
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Protections Output Over and Under Voltage,
Input Over and Under Voltage,
Electronic Overload
Energy Conservation 24.90%
Bypass Switch up to 30KVA - standard, above 30 KVA - optional
Switching Multiple module on time based is available upto 6 slot
Digital KW/kwh Meter Available
Cabinet Powder coated MS
* Range can be customized to customer requirement

All specifications are subject to change
Custom models available on request


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