MPPT Charge Controller

FCN MPPT charge controller come with micro controller and advanced in-built algorithm to ensure maximum generation of energy from the solar panel.

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    • Unmanned: The system with PV Automatic starting and charging function, do not need the manual function
    • High Efficiency MPPT Function (Optional): The system adopt maximum power point tracking technology, even if the battery using in different condition, this MPPT Controller could ensure the maximum output power from the PV Panels and increase 20-30% electrical power using efficiency from solar panel.
    • Reliability: Adopt the hybrid controller to realize "MPPT + SOC" double intelligent charge control, ensure the product stability and reliability.
    • Intelligent Charge Control: With automatic battery temperature compensation, constant current and constant voltage integrated charge mode, improve the battery's charging efficiency and working life.
    • Battery Protection: Automatically detect the battery working condition when over discharge, the system will shut down automatically, avoid wasting the battery energy.
    • High Efficiency: Power loops adopts low-loss MOSFET type transistors in series, PWM Sift technology is applied to reduce the switching losses. Synchronous rectification technology is applied to decrease voltage drop, increase the system's efficiency.
    • Intelligent: Illumination recognition (option). The system can set to auto turn on the load when lack of sun. Such as fog, storm, night. Auto turn on the load, it is a good assistant of transportation illumination.
    • Protection: Overcharge protection/over discharge protection/ battery reverse current protection/ Overloading protection/ Short circuit protection/ reverse polarity connection protection/ TVS Lighting protection etc..,
    • LCD Display: To show the working mode of solar battery, seal-lead acid battery and load.
    • Well Adaptability (Optional) : Through the man machine interface, Charging current fine adjustment can be settable , suitable for lithium ion battery, lead-acid battery and other storage system.
    • Intelligent Communication (Optional): With external battery working temperature detective port, to adjust the charging voltage in time according to the battery working temperature.

    Applications Area:

    • Solar home system
    • Public security monitoring system
    • Solar Street light lamp system
    • DC Signal light power supply system
    • Small and medium size telecommunication station power supply system
    • Small size solar power station system and solar DC power supply system
Battery Capacity 38AH - 800AH
Max. Efficiency > 98%
Static Dissipative <0.5% (System Rated Current)
Solar Battery Port Input Voltage Range 12V:0-24V; 24V:0-48V; 48V:0-95V
Rated Battery Voltage 12 / 24 : 24 / 48
Buck Charge Voltage 14.7V/29.4V ± 1% : 29.V/58.8V plusmn;1%
Overcharge Protection 14.4V/28.8V ± 1% : 28.8V/57.6V ±1%
Charging resume Voltage 13.2V/26.4V ± 1% : 26.4V/52.8V ±1%
Undervoltage Alarm 11.2V/22.4V ± 1% : 22.4V/44.8V ±1%
Overdischarge Protection 10.8V/21.6V ± 0.3V : 21.6V/43.2V ± 0.4V
Overdischarge resume start voltage 13.2V/26.4V ± 0.3V : 26.4V/52.8V ± 0.4V
Discharge Circuit Voltage drop < 5 % (System Rated Voltage)
Overload, Short circuit protection 125% (60S)/ 150% (30S)/Short Circuit Auto Shutdown:
Input overvoltage Protection 200% (Rated Voltage)
PV Reverse polarity Connection Protection Yes
Control Mode Switch Control/PWM
Display LCD + LED
Alarm Mode Sound (Option). Light Alarm
Working Temperature - 20°C - + 45°C
Relative Huminity 0-95% (Noncondesing)
Storage Temperature - 25°C - + 85°C
Storage Huminity ≤85%
Installation Method Hanging vertical installation
Packing Dimension (mm) 164x168x55

All specifications are subject to change
Custom models available on request


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