Ultra Isolation Transformers

Fuji Electric Consul Neowatt Ultra Isolation transformers provide low inter winding capacitance and low leakage inductance as they are designed with split winding construction to give high attenuation and multiple shielding mechanisms to reduce low capacitance.


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    • Split winding constructions and bi-filar connections is made to reduce the overall capacitance of the winding
    • High insulating materials and special shielding techniques have been used to minimise the noise
    • The core and its magnetic properties are chosen in a way that displays enough leakage inductance, which in turn offers normal mode power line noise. This is in sync with the transfer of fundamental power frequency. All the higher frequencies are blocked
    • Transfer of electric noise is blocked by Unique Box shielding and apt techniques
    • Better regulation with low impedance effect
    • Shield against strong lightening, impulse noise, bus short-circuit, accidental discharge of capacitors, etc
    • Shield for the microprocessor-based machines and equipments from damage due to electrical noise, spikes etc
Capacity (KVA) 3-500 KVA
Related Standards IS 2026, IS 11171
Input Voltage And Output Voltage
A) 1:1 B) 1:2 C) Customized
Efficiency @ 100% Load > 97.5%
Regulation 2-4% for 100% change in current at Unity P.F
Impedance < 4%
Connection Delta / Star*
Vector Group DYn 11** for Delta / Star
Operating Load Power Factor 0.75 Lagging to 0.75 Leading
DC Galvanic Isolation > 1000 Mega Ohms
Dielectric Strength 2.5 KV, 50Hz for 1 Minute
Coupling Capacitance 0.001 Pico Farads
Line Leakage Current < 20 Micro Amps
Noise Attenuation 120 DB upto 10Khz
70 DB for range 10 Khz to 50 Khz
50 DB for range 50 Khz to 1Mhz
Operating Temperature 0-45° C
Insulation Class F
Degree Of Protection IP 20
Type Of Cooling Air Cooled / Oil Cooled
Metering LCD display as OPTIONAL
* Connection can be customized to customer requirement
** Vector group will vary according to the connection
1) Auto transformer available on request
2) Single phase Ultra Isolation Transformer available on request

All specifications are subject to change
Custom models available on request


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