Air Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers

Fuji Electric Consul Neowatt is the No 1 Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer (SCVS) brand in India. The stabilizers are rugged and proven over 30 years. Air cooled stabilizers are available in natural and forced air cooled in a range from 3 – 500 KVA.


Fuji Electric Consul Neowatt SCVS is suitable for CNC Machines, CMM, Textile & Spinning mills, Cold Storage units, Food processing equipment, CT Scan, MRI machines, Retail outlets, Restaurants and Office applications.

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    • No potentiometer adjustments
    • All parameters can be modified using the keypad in the front panel
    • Set input voltage band
    • Set output voltage
    • Set output voltage sensitivity
    • Output over / under voltage cut-off
    • Input over voltage / under voltage cut-off
    • Over load cut-off
    • Trip time delay adjustments with variable setting
    • Opto isolated motor driven control
    • Manual and auto start facility
    • Common control card - any capacity
    • Output start and stop facility
    • Fully micro control function
    • Generator compatibility
    • Both outdoor and indoor models
    • True RMS sensing without control transformer for output and input
Capacity 3-350 KVA
Input Voltage Range*
A) Range 1 : 295 V-465 V B) Range 2 : 340 V-480 V
C) Range 3 : 360 V-460 V D) Other ranges as per customer requirements
Output Voltage 380/400/415 V +1% Set
Input Frequency 47-53 Hz
Control Type Digital-Micro controller based
Correction Speed* 70 V per second
Reset Manual / Auto Reset with time delay and programmable
Protections A) Electronic over & under voltage trip with time delay for input & output B) Electronic overload protection and short circuit protection upto 30 KVA through MCB and the Manual bypass is built in. Above 30 KVA MCB/MCCB is an optional.
C) Surge Arrester/RF suppressor (OPTIONAL)
D) Phase reversal protection and cut off
E) Single phase prevention and cut off
F) Neutral failure protection
G) Frequency cut off protection
H) Earth neutral voltage cut off protection
Metering Digital Type (Class 1 Accuracy With Full Scale ± 1)
A) Input phase to neutral B) Input phase to phase
C) Output phase to neutral D) Output phase to phase
E) Load Current in all the phases F) Frequency
Nature Of Cooling Natural air cooled upto 150 KVA & Forced air cooled above 150 KVA
Effect Of Power Factor Nil
Waveform Distortion Nil
Annunciation Panel Non Latching LED indications with dual colour for Overload Latching Conditions
Efficiency > 98%
Cabinet Colour Dark Grey
Provision Of Cabling Input and Output terminations with provisions for fixing cable glands
Servo Motor Drive Rugged AC step sychronous motor
Operating Temperature 0-45° C

All specifications are subject to change
Custom models available on request


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